Frequently asked questions

What is a MCA & ACH Advance?

It is typically a short term unsecured cash advance that is paid back on a daily or weekly basis to the lender, based on advances from the revenue that the business generates.

What is the difference between an MCA or ACHA and a tipical loan?

The lender is purchasing future sales or receivables. In contrast to traditional loans, which require favorable credit scores and a period of time to have your loan approved. These type of "loans" aren’t credit-score driven and funding can take place in less than 48 hours in most cases. They are the perfect choice for businesses that may not have time on their side but have a stable business model based on business volume and revenue.

What are the benefits of a MCA & ACHA

Little paperwork, fast financing, no hidden fees, simple payback procedure, no collateral necessary and no credit score necessary.

Can I apply for additional funds if I’m already a client?

Yes, additional funds may be advanced to you based on your payment history and remaining balance on your current business advance.

How much time am I given to repay my MCA?

We estimate repayment terms from 1 month to 18 months. Because this is a business advance and not a loan, the term is not set in stone, and we get paid as you get paid.

How does a typical business need in order to get approved for a loan at JIG?

- At least $50,000 annual sales - Legal proof of Company - TIN - Bank statements for the last 6 months - Business with a minimum of 6 months of operations


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